Skin Care Treatments customized to your needs. All inclusive fee for services includes microdermabration, deep poor cleansing, peels and more. No products sold on location.

Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness is forgiveness that recognizes the Perfection In The Imperfection.  Radical Forgiveness brings you to a Spiritual Practice of Self Purification and Character Building through inner reflections.


Permanent hair removal of all hair types, including White, Gray, Red and Dark hairs. Complimentary Consultation offered prior to treatment.

Pranic Healing

Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Health Problems.  All Healing Comes From One Source.  We are Not Healing.  We are using Life Force Energy to Help The Body Heal It’s Self.

Disclaimer: Rena Petty is not a medical doctor or therapist and does not provide medical or therapeutic advice or information in her role as a Radical Forgiveness Coach or with Pranic Healing. Her guidance is of a general informational nature only. None of the information found on RenaPetty.net or websites linked from RenePetty.net is intended to provide or substitute for medical or therapeutic advice or information. If you have questions regarding your physical or mental health you should seek the care of a qualified professional. Any information provided by Rena Petty in person or on this website should not be interpreted as a reason to disregard professional medical or therapeutic advice.

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