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To be open to Radical Forgiveness is to have the intellectual courage and willingness to entertain the possibility that God makes no mistakes; that events happen not TO us but FOR us; and that everything occurs has meaning and purpose in terms of our self-created divine plan and our desire to evolve as spiritual beings.

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Traditional Forgiveness is letting bygones be bygones — letting go of the past while still holding onto the idea that something wrong or bad happened. That makes it seem like a difficult task and it usually takes a very long time before we begin to feel the forgiveness – if ever!

Colin C. Tipping

Colin C. Tipping

Radical Forgiveness is also a deep commitment to releasing the past. However, the release is more total since it involves a shift in perception that allows you to see that what happened was purposeful in terms of your spiritual growth and your healing. It is experienced as a profound insight and can occur in an instant. It is very easy to do using a simple step-by-step process.

Radical Forgiveness asks us to be willing to be open to the idea that there is spiritual meaning in what happens and if we could see the big picture, we would understand. By being willing to recognize that life is divinely guided and unfolding for each of us exactly how it needs to unfold for our highest good, we find peace.  When we receive this insight, we can let go of being a victim and find peace, even in the most unpleasant of situations or memories of what happened.  Also, when we see that, at the soul level, our perceived enemies really love us and are giving us an opportunity to heal and to grow, our hearts open and we come back into alignment with them.

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Radical Forgiveness Coaching for one-on-one personalize guidance.

Radical Forgiveness Workshops are programs designed specifically by the Radical Forgiveness Institute and adhere to set standards and time lines.  Rena is trained to facilitate these specific workshops.

Radical Forgiveness Clinics are programs based on Radical Forgiveness in which Rena has more latitude in the way they are conducted.

Book Study Groups allow you to internalize the message of the Radical Forgiveness books by reading, discussion and conversation.  Fully explore the meaning of Radical Forgiveness with Rena’s guidance.

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