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Learning to apply tools of Radical Forgiveness will hasten your shift in perception and, consequently, your healing. Learn to choose the Power of Peace.

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Radical Forgiveness 2 Hour Clinic

Focus on Forgiveness By Being Radical

Radical Forgiveness Clinics consist of 2-8 people who wish to do forgiveness work in a small group format. We will discuss Radical Forgiveness principles as they pertain to our experience, implement a wide range of Tools to incorporate and integrate this life transforming energy approach, and take note of the energy shifts occurring.

All are welcome – no previous experience with Radical Forgiveness is required.

Cost:     $20.00, 18 years or older

Radical Forgiveness All Day Clinic

Three Letters to Forgiveness

A simple, yet powerful way to clear out the old and make room for the new is through using the tools of Radical Forgiveness. This small group, classroom style setting, provides a safe and supportive setting with an intent of “Collapsing The Energy Field” around  an event.

This workshop focuses on the use of The Three Letter tool. Through an experiential process utilizing writing three different letters, art work, and music, we will be enhancing our Spiritual Intelligence and integrating renewed self empowerment of mind body spirit.

“Know They Self” is an angle of incarnation that will offer you a story about Radical Forgiveness Karmic Units and some possibilities of “What You Signed Up For” and “Why Nothing Wrong Happened.” This fun and heart opening experience will allow you to shift your perception into “Big Picture Possibilities.”

Cost:     $99.00  Must Pre-Pay

Satori Game

Transformation can be FUN

satoriExperience the extraordinary POWER of this fun, new board game. ‘Satori’ means awakening. Satori promotes laughter, enlightenment, insight and personal / spiritual growth – revealing wisdom in wondrous ways. This Radical Forgiveness board game, played over the course of two to three hours, reveals unconscious beliefs and patterns that drive you life’s drama.

You will move your token from Victimland through the Awakening Process to reach Satori – it’s like a transformational Candyland! You move through the game, shifting how you see the events in your life, drawn randomly from the events and contexts decks.

You’ll be surprised how the cards you draw mirror your life’s experiences and feelings. You will get the same shift in energy that all of the Radical Forgiveness tools generate. Each board sits up to five players, multiple groups can play at the same time. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll gain new insights and leave the table with more energy, better relationships, and freedom from your past. Don’t miss it!

Cost:     $15.00 for one game (approx 2-1/2 hours), 18 years or older

Satori 7 Step Process

11-Major-Chakras-Sideview-fadeThis introductory workshop helps you to “magically” clear your consciousness from negative influences that have held you back, limited to your potential and kept you from being all that you can be.

It includes a powerful experiential Radical Forgiveness process known as Satori 7 Step Process that enables you to radically forgive one particular person or situation in your life – perhaps the one it has been hardest to forgive.

We are never upset for the reason we think

After having done a process like this you may find that the situation itself may become resolved, if not immediately, then some short while afterwards. Your loving goal in this process is that you do this work for yourself, and in so doing you become more peaceful.

Besides finding the experiential process life-changing in the moment, participants leave feeling excited about what Radical Forgiveness offers them as a way of creating what they want in their life.

Cost:     $30.00 (approx 90 min), 18 years or older

Book Study / Worksheet Class

Book – Radical Forgiveness “Making Room For The Miracle”

radical forgiveness making room for the miracleRadical Forgiveness is Experiential

Even in this book study group, you will learn step by step processes of forgiveness while completing one of the many tools offered by Radical Forgiveness. Come and Enhance your use of “The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet”. Note – This is not a personal processing group.

Cost:     Total Class Fee $20.00 (plus book), 18 years or older

Duration:  3 Weekly Sessions, 90 minutes each
Closed Group:  Please Pre-Register
Requirements:  Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 20 prior to first class


Book Study / Worksheet Class

Book – Radical Manifestation

radical manifestationUse your “spiritual intelligence” to supercharge your intentions. This is the part of your awareness that instinctively understands how to attract whatever you want from the great sea of abundance that the Universe provides for us all. It’s not about struggle any more. Learn to use the Radical Manifestation Worksheet during this book study.

Cost:     Total Class Fee $20.00 (plus book), 18 years or older

Duration:  3 Weekly Sessions, 90 minutes each
Closed Group:  Please Pre-Register
Requirements:  Read Chapter 1, 2 and 3 prior to first class




  • Flexible Payment Plan Available
  • Credit Cards, Cash and Checks Accepted
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to start time

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