The Coaching Experience

Coaching offered in person or over the phoneRena Petty

A Radical Forgiveness Coach is trained to show you how to use the Radical Forgiveness technology in such a way that the ‘problem’ either disappears or resolves itself – without the need for any ‘fixing’. Let me explain.

Problems arise as a result of energy patterns within ourselves, as well as between ourselves and others, becoming distorted. These distorted energy patterns show up in the world as unpleasant situations. Things like anger, resentment, fear, blame, hurt, jealousy, judgment, etc., keep that energy pattern stuck. Simply put, the Radical Forgiveness technology operates at the quantum energetic level – rather like homeopathy – to un-stick the energy and return the pattern to normal. The problem then resolves itself.

Coaching, therefore, empowers you, not only to deal with the issue at hand but to apply the technology to other situations as they arise in the future. The process is simple and very easy and, as your coach, I will guide you gently through the process.


  • Flexible Payment Plan Available
  • Credit Cards, Cash and Checks Accepted
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • In Person or On The Phone

Disclaimer: Rena Petty is not a medical doctor or therapist and does not provide medical or therapeutic advice or information in her role as a Radical Forgiveness Coach or with Pranic Healing. Her guidance is of a general informational nature only. None of the information found on or websites linked from is intended to provide or substitute for medical or therapeutic advice or information. If you have questions regarding your physical or mental health you should seek the care of a qualified professional. Any information provided by Rena Petty in person or on this website should not be interpreted as a reason to disregard professional medical or therapeutic advice.

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