My Story

My name is Rena Petty.

There is a quote “What’s in a name”. There is no mistake in mine being “Petty.”

I would like to share my story of Radical Forgiveness with you.

Rena PettyAt age 50 my mother passed, I had been a primary care giver, my children were grown on their own. My husband (my 3rd) was in semi retirement working 3 days per week as a dentist and playing golf 8. My life was at a point most people would call “We’ve made it!”

I kept asking myself, “What is wrong with me? Why am I not truly happy? Why do I have moments where for no reason, I feel deeply sad and like crying? If I’m supposed to have it all, then why do I feel like something is wrong and missing? I was tired and I realized I had spent most of my life doing for others. Now I was wondering, “Is this all there is?”

I come from a traditional Christian background. Confirmed at age 12 in Presbyterian attended Baptist, Nazarene and taught Sunday school in the Methodist faith. So I was asking God: who I thought was outside of me-up in heaven – What is up with this? What now God? Who am I? I had the “Woe is me’s.”

A dear friend of mine, who was also a minister, said “Girl you are on one more pity party and this is just plain petty stuff”. She said, “What you need is a good dose of Forgiveness honey! You are going through a change of life, that’s all. Are you willing to give up your petty pity party and explore possibilities?” I said yes. She said “Then go get this book called Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping and hang onto your hat honey. I want you to read one chapter at a time and let’s talk about how that applies to your life.”

At first I was reluctant to even reading a book called Radical Forgiveness. I had lived through being adopted, child abuse, alcoholic parents, and a husband who had committed suicide. I had survived and I KNEW I had forgiven all those rats for what “they had done to me!” Now I was at “The good point of my life” So why did I need something called Radical Forgiveness?

Well, if you have read the book, you will understand my next statement: “If you don’t want to know, don’t’ ask!” It took me six months to complete the book. You see, I was a drama queen and I really wanted to hang onto my stories and make this a lot harder than it was. She made me cover some chapters three times. Anyway, using the Radical Forgiveness principals, God showed up Big Time, right inside of me, and we did a review in the here and now and I was shocked at just how simple and easy this process was. Using the Radical Forgiveness tools, I investigated my victim stories and my “Petty parties” got busted. I did not like what I saw, which was my part in creating the stories around my dramas, the choices I had made, basted upon my stories, and how those choices had affected me and everyone around me. The good part was that by using the tools, I could actually see how to make Better choices and change the story of my life.

For me, Radical Forgiveness is about just that– making better choices. Once you apply the Radical Forgiveness tools, those choices are made from a totally new perspective. I once experienced most of my life and made my choices from the perspective of a five year old child that had been deeply hurt and who I pitied very much. I say I grew up when I started using the Radical Forgiveness principals. I now make better choices from my adult perspective and I no longer pity that part of myself.

By continuing to use the Radical Forgiveness technology, I have changed my perspective on the whole of my life. My past, that has haunted me even in my dreams, has now evaporated as if into steam. I now live in a state of grace, knowing that my life didn’t just happen To me, but For me, to bring me to this very moment in time when I would explore possibilities and empower myself with freedom and peace by living the Radical Forgiveness Process.

My family tells me I am much easier to live with now and they like me better. I say I like me better too. Some of my choices have led me back into school for Esthetician, Electrolysis, Radical Forgiveness and Pranic Healing . . .  and eventually to opening my own business.

Life is a journey.

Radical Forgiveness can guide you into your Spiritual Perspectives of your human experiences. All it takes is a little bit of willingness to let go of your own petty issues and pity parties of victimhood, and explore possibilities.

God Bless.

Disclaimer: Rena Petty is not a medical doctor or therapist and does not provide medical or therapeutic advice or information in her role as a Radical Forgiveness Coach or with Pranic Healing. Her guidance is of a general informational nature only. None of the information found on or websites linked from is intended to provide or substitute for medical or therapeutic advice or information. If you have questions regarding your physical or mental health you should seek the care of a qualified professional. Any information provided by Rena Petty in person or on this website should not be interpreted as a reason to disregard professional medical or therapeutic advice.

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