What People Are Saying About Rena.

. . . Esthetician . . .

Rena is an expert in skin and skin care. If you want clear and glowing skin, see Rena for a facial or electrology! The cleansers, moisturizers, masks and other products she uses are pure, and natural which is great if you have sensitive skin like me. After one of her wonderful facials your face will look soft and glowing. Rena will also advise you about the right products for your skin so you look and feel your best.

Before seeing Rena I spent a fortune on face washes, creams, lotions, moisturizers and make up. They were good products but not good for my skin and just aggravated the conditions I already had – hormonal breakouts, dry, oily and flaky skin with spots and blemishes. Rena advised me on what kinds of products I should use and my skin has never looked so good.

– M.A. from Fort Collins, CO

. . . Electrolysis . . .

I receive electrolysis in the calm and relaxing environment of Rena’s office. Rena is a gifted electrolysis practitioner who educated me prior to receiving treatment to ensure that I completely understood the process. Rena is a skilled and dedicated professional and I am very pleased with the results of my treatment and would recommend electrolysis with Rena to anyone.

– B.L. from Fort Collins, CO

. . . Radical Forgiveness . . .

A few words can’t begin to describe what my experience of Radical Forgiveness coaching with Rena has given me. Rena’s compassion and skills, undoubtedly led by guided intuitive knowing, made it possible for me to release residual anger and hurt trapped in me since my childhood, and helped launch me into my own ways of helping people. Numerous others, with a wide variety of backgrounds, had failed to help me release my anger previously.

– A.K. from Denver, CO

. . . Pranic Healing . . .

I asked Rena Petty to help me after my eye doctor told me that I was a Glaucoma suspect. The pressure in my eyes was increasing and the doctor put me through all the tests and had me on a schedule to come in every 3 months to monitor if Glaucoma was developing. When you are dealing with your vision this is a matter of great importance & of course, there is stress involved. I know Rena to be a compassionate and a very competent Pranic Healer, so when she agreed to do Pranic Healing sessions for Glaucoma on me I was excited.

Rena has been doing healings for about 9 months on my eyes. Before any healing was done, the doctor told me he thought I may be developing Glaucoma and I could possibly have to go on medication. After the healings began, each time the doctor took a reading, the pressure was reducing. The doctor mentioned that pressure fluctuates, but the fact that the readings were not climbing (& there was no nerve damage) was encouraging.

On the last visit he confirmed the pressure seems to be maintaining at a normal level and to come back in 6 months for a check-up. You can imagine how fantastic that news was to hear! I’m super grateful to Rena for her help and healing! After all, can you put a price on your eyes?

Rena’s services are worth every penny.

– W.S. from Loveland, CO

. . . Radical Forgiveness . . .

I have worked with Traditional Forgiveness Coaches in the past and although I experienced small changes, I have never experienced the leaps and bounds within myself that Radical Forgiveness has given me.  Rena is a kind, patient and compassionate coach.  She has helped me go within myself and heal the pain without projecting it onto others.  It is a different experience when I take full responsibility for my life and know that situations happen ”for me” not ”to me” for my spiritual growth.

I have learned with the help and loving assistance from Rena, to embrace the changes that are going on in my life and live the experience to the fullest by loving myself and those around me.  Thank you Rena for always encouraging me to see the beauty and light within myself and others.

– M.B. from Frisco, CO

. . . Electrolysis . . .

Thanks to Rena, I no longer have a goatee!!  Thanks Rena!!

–  Y.R. from Fort Collins, CO

. . . Radical Forgiveness Satori Board Game . . .

I believe through experience that the Universe provides us with all the information we need in life for our spiritual enfoldment.  Whether it is through books, words from others or the Satori Board game.  Not only is the Satori Board games fun and exciting, and definitely unique, it really taught me about myself.  All the cards I picked coincided with the exact situation that I was experiencing in my life at the time.

I truly enjoyed learning about myself in an environment that Rena provides which is relaxing and safe.  The best part of the night is you learn to know yourself on a deeper level, that we all go home winners in the game!!!

– M.B. from Frisco, CO

. . . Radical Forgiveness . . .

Radical Forgiveness, the theory and the process itself, were mind changing for me. It all ‘clicked’, resonated with a deep knowing within me. A purpose behind the pain, the craziness. I somehow I began to see the blessedness of what I had seen as tragedy.

My story isn’t so different from any other. Pain, sorrow, struggle. But now understood for the deep purpose behind it all. A reason. Rena pushed me to push my perspective, feel the pain, and face the lesson and the reason from my long ago past that had set up this scenario. Rena suggested that I might see changes with the person that brought me the lesson and the pain. I DID. Unbelievably, I DID.

Thank you, Rena. Keep doing the work, one person, one healing at a time.

– K.H. from Cheyenne, WY

. . . Radical Forgiveness . . .

I want to thank Rena Petty for all of her loving support as she guided me through the Radical Forgiveness process. She has taught me to use tools that allow me to move from a place of victimhood into an empowering place of awakening and understanding. These tools have restored my true nature and I am feeling so much better.

– M.P. from Fort Collins, CO

. . . Pranic Healing . . .

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work on emotional health through Pranic Healing with Rena Petty. She has a gift for connecting with me and has helped me move from a place of anxiety and depression into a place of healing and balance. She is insightful and I really to feel the energy shifting as she works on me. Thank you Rena for sharing your gift with me.

– M.P. from Fort Collins, CO

 . . . Esthetician . . .

I recommend Rena to all my friends and family. You will walk away feeling truly cared for and with the information you need to get your skin healthy. She is a delightful person to be around and everyone I have sent her way has been really happy with the results. She recommends affordable products and does not push products and services you don’t need. I’m so happy to have found her.

– C.F. from Fort Collins, CO

. . . Satori Board Game . . .

The Satori Board Game is absolutely amazing. I have had the delightful experience of playing the game only to find the game played me! The dynamics of the board game provide rich opportunities for greater awareness of the choices we have made along the way and what is possible now. The “prompts” are brilliant, and the potential for healing makes this a safe place to explore the power of forgiveness. I have provided this game for a number of my students who seek greater understanding of forgiveness and personal growth – all to great success. I highly recommend this game and the masterful guidance of Rena Petty – she makes it safe and fun!

– C.J. from Fort Collins, CO

. . . Radical Forgiveness . . .

Hello! Rena has been helping me through my life’s journey since 2010. After reading the book Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, I went to Colin’s website and clicked on “Find a Coach”. I read several coach bio’s until I found Rena’s. I contacted Rena 3 years ago and have been connected with her since.

We are 688 miles apart, however that is not a challenge or a hindrance. In today’s world, Rena and I connect through the phone, email, texts, and the United States Postal Service. I have never met Rena in person (someday I will), however that doesn’t matter. The connection that we have couldn’t be closer. Rena listens, understands, and provides insight into life’s lessons.

During the past 3 years, I have been through a difficult divorce, my mother passed away, new job, new home, and health concerns from the stress of it all. Rena is a source of strength, compassion, love, thoughtfulness. When in crisis, Rena is there with thoughts, books, greeting cards, experiences that have helped me get through what has been presented to me as life lessons.

I am in a great place in life now with help from Rena. It continues to be my honor to have Rena in my life. For those that are looking for that strength in dealing with life events, look no further. Rena, my green shit sister and friend, is here on earth to help those in need. Blessings to you in your journey!

– P.P. from Grimes, IA

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